Reditus moves its office to Vila Nova de Gaia

On February 1st, Reditus transferred its Office located in the Northern region of Portugal to Candal Park located in Vila Nova de Gaia.

With this transfer of facilities, Reditus intended to adjust the functionality of the facilities and their location, to the needs of the operation of the Northern region. Candal Park is located close to the centre of Oporto and the main access roads, benefiting from greater centrality, both for customers and for its employees.

In addition, Candal Park also provides resident companies with infrastructures of support, such as: 24/7 surveillance, postal services, restaurants, cafeterias and meeting rooms, among other essential services to the dynamics of its operations.

About the Reditus Service Center in Vila Nova de Gaia

Candal Park - Centro de Negócios e Empresas, is installed in the old Electro-Ceramics factory. With a privileged location, close to Ponte da Arrábida, with quick access to Ponte do Freixo, by the VL8 and direct access to the city main focus points and beaches, Candal Park is located in a great expansion area between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Established in 1919 as an electric porcelain factory, Candal park has moved to the real estate activity in 1989. Twenty-nine years later, as a Business Park, counts on more than 190 resident companies.