Platforms and Software Applications

Our solutions impact people and businesses, making them more efficient and targeted to their business objectives. It includes development, management and maintenance of software applications and analytical solutions.
  • Development of specific software applications tailored to customer specifications
  • Business Analytics - Information management, data and systems integration, Dashboards & Reporting.
  • SDN (Software Defined Networks) Applications


  • Application Management
  • Server and Data Base management
  • Application environment Administration
  • Requirements Analysis, Solution Design, Project Management, Training and Support. 


  • Integrated Platform for Credit Management (Concession to Recovery)
  • Agents Network Management and Stores
  • Intranet Portals Intranet, Mobility e Georeference
  • CRM – Multichannel, customer relationship management
  • OSS environment solutions :
    • Desktop Virtualization
    • Office and personal productivity (includes emails & agendas)
    • Project management; CRM; Portals
      • 100 Consultants
      • 40 Active customers
      • 100 000 Users
          • .NET, Outsystems, Java, PHP.
          • IBM, Oracle, Qlik, MicroStrategy, HP, MSFT, Sugar, Liferay, Outsystems, Pentaho, Apache, Linux.