Academia Sharepoint, Training for Success


Given the increasing success of solutions deployed on SharePoint, Reditus has prepared a program that enables information technology professionals to benefit from advanced training on this platform. The goal is to strengthen its development team’s skills on this platform, so as to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the market.

The Academy has a total of nine trainees enrolled in an eight-week full-time program and its curriculum emphasizes hands-on experience, with a series of integrated exercises so as to ensure they can master the tools and present solutions to the ever more demanding requirements of our Customers.

The exercises were designed to empower trainees in the mastering of projects with apps, workflows (process automation), advanced content sharing / collaboration, forms and templates, centralized search, and a host of other capabilities, from basic to the most complex solutions.

SharePoint is an application developed by Microsoft, the world leader in the collaborative platforms segment and is used, among others, for the creation of corporate portals and intranets, content and document management, as well as web application publishing.

The success of this platform is evidenced by its very high growth rates, both in Portugal and in the international markets.