Agility Awards distinguish projects developed by Reditus

PORDATA Portal for Municipalities for the Foundation Francisco Manuel dos Santos and the new Integrated Process Management and Monitoring System for the Portuguese Competition Authority.

Reditus has been distinguished by Agility Awards, award created by Outsystems, for the development of PORDATA portal for Municipalities for the Foundation Manuel Francisco dos Santos. This platform, accesses information from more than 308 organizations from mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions, contributing to a better understanding of the country in a regional perspective.

Technically, the solution was created as part of the portal PORDATA with specific capabilities and back office pages/content. This portal was innovative in terms the of the integration with the geographic data system allowing the view of all indicators in map mode. With PORDATA Municipalities, the display environment / query and its operations were completely restructured.

With applications from over the world, the Agility Awards were created in 2009 by OutSystems aiming to reward and recognize projects developed with the best practices of the agile methodologies, ensuring real and measurable benefits for businesses and organizations.

The PORDATA database is managed by the Foundation Francisco Manuel dos Santos and contains accurate and independent statistics from Portuguese and European official and certified sources. The database is structured by various themes, with the information coming from more than 60 government agencies, like the National Institute of Statistics or Eurostat. It is free and available to all citizens.

Susana Norton, Business Manager of Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation notes that "The PORDATA is to become a reference site for its simple and rigorous way of displaying data. The growing number of requests for official organizations demonstrates the interest in these services for information dissemination. The launch of the new Municipalities database in PORDATA increased the number of visits to the portal, fulfilling one of the main goals of the project. "

"The use of agile methodologies, as well as its own Agile Platform was crucial to respond quickly to all expectations. It was possible to design, implement and readjust the requirements without compromising the project objectives. The cost/risk of the knowledge transfer between teams who worked on the project was mitigated, something that couldn’t be possible, just as easily, with other technologies, "said Carlos Fatelo, Manager, Reditus.

New centralized process management platform

The second project developed by Reditus to be recognized by the Agility Awards, is the platform SIGAP - Integrated Process Management and Monitoring System, which allows the Portuguese Competition Authority to provide a work centralized environment for processes and documents support management. The application provides an integrated view of key business processes, improving management capacity throughout the organization.

In this first delivery, the SIGAP application will manage key processes, including Complaints analysis, Restrictive Trade Practices and Restrictive Practices relating to Competition.

"The SIGAP project met all its goals, enhancing agility in managing processes, reducing the time to resolution and giving greater control over key areas. Moreover, it represents an important step to automate workflows and increase efficiency of the Portuguese Competition Authority "refers Francisco Marques, Head of the IT Department of the Portuguese Competition Authority.