Net income of Reditus increases by 65% in 2013


  • Operating Income of 112,7 million euros (-13.4%)
  • EBITDA of 11,7 million euros (-27.9%)
  • EBITDA Margin of 10,4% (against 12,5%)
  • Net Income of 460 thousand euros (against 280 thousand euros)
  • International Sales represent 38% of Revenue


1. Summary of activity

During 2013, the Reditus Group continued its strong commitment to the expansion of its international operations, namely in Europe and Africa, as well as on the reinforcement of its integrated offering with development of new products and services.

The group opened new branches in key markets, and 38% of its total revenue came from international customers, in line with its experience in 2012.

The Operating Revenue and the EBITDA fell, due to factors related solely to the execution in 2012 of a specific and “one-off” project in the area of ITO in the Angolan market. The Operating Revenue of Reditus was 112.7 million euros, which was 17.5 million euros less than in 2012, and the EBITDA was 11.7 million euros, or 4.6 million euros lower than the 16.3 million euros of the previous year.

By contrast, the Net Results grew significantly by 65%, registering 460 thousand euros, compared with the 280 thousand euros of the previous year, benefiting from the decrease recorded in net financial charges, lower taxes, and various measures implemented to optimize costs and increase operating efficiency.

Operations in the domestic market decreased by 12.5%, reflecting the rationalization of service centers in Portugal and the generally adverse economic environment that continued to affect Portugal.

Reditus Group will carry on implementing its strategy to deliver greater value to the market, focusing on products and services for international markets, increasing its portfolio and optimizing its costs.

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