Reditus’ 2015 EBITDA reaches EUR 11.0 million

  • Operating income: 118.6 million euros
  • EBITDA: EUR 11.0 million
  • EBITDA margin: 9.3%
  • Net income: EUR 0.3 millionDomestic Sales increased 6.2%
  • International Sales amounted to approx. 40% of the total
1. Summary of the Activity
In 2015 and given the expected fall in international activity, particularly in African markets, consolidated total income of the Reditus Group reached 118.6 million euros.

Strengthening the focus on the domestic market led to a 6.2% growth to 72.2 million euros in Portugal, albeit insufficient to offset the 10.8% drop in the international arena, which nevertheless reached 46.4 million euros or about 40% of total Group revenues.

The Reditus Group maintained its pledge on expanding the international activity through partnerships in new geographies, such as Latin America, which will strengthen and enhance the range of services and SAP solutions offered to the private and the public business sectors.

The 2015 results demonstrate the decisiveness of the Reditus Group in implementing its strategy, namely the resilience of its business under a clearly challenging context in both Portugal and Africa. Customers in the latter markets were forced to postpone several investment decisions, which should eventually be resumed during 2016.

Besides the demonstrated resilience, Reditus Group managed to win several flagship projects in 2015 which include "Pordata Kids", management of the "Maputo Hospital Screening System" (Mozambique), application development for Sport Lisboa e Benfica (soccer club), as well as several maintenance contracts at customers such as the Bank of Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank) and EDP (Portuguese Electrical Utility).

Reditus Group, which celebrates in 2016 its 50th anniversary, is the oldest and one of the largest players in the Information Technology sector in Portugal. Its activities are structured in three areas of competence: BPO, IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting Sectors.


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