Reditus’ clients highly satisfied

According to the results of the annual evaluation promoted by Reditus’ Quality Division, the Company clients have an 86% satisfaction level.
This outcome is the result of a strategic guideline defined by Reditus and which consists on gaining and retaining customers’ trust, to ensure business continuity and to improve efficiency. Thus, in accordance with its Quality policy, Reditus proceeds the effort of continuous improvement.
In 2015, Reditus has implemented a set of improvement activities that enabled it to achieve, in addition to high clients satisfaction levels, efficiency improvements and external recognition.
Customers continue to highlight the following points as differentiators, against Reditus’ competition:
  • Flexibility and availability to meet the requirements and new demands;
  • Identification with the client and excellent relationship;
  • Commitment and competence of the teams;
  • Excellence in the quality of results.
The 2015 study also found that 93% of the clients clearly recommend Reditus and its services.
Client satisfaction by Business Unit
Client Services 
Overall average satisfaction of “Client Services” clients’ (CS) of 7.8 in the range [1, 10], which is a slight increase of 0.2 points:
  • Average Satisfaction with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) of 8.0 on the same scale;
  • Average satisfaction with Contact Center Services (CC) of 7,7 in the range [1, 10].
IT Services 
Average satisfaction with the services of the “IT Services” Business Unit (infrastructure) of 9.1 on the scale [1, 10]:
  • Average satisfaction with the infrastructure’s Managed Services, 8.6 on the scale [1, 10];
  • Average results of surveys to users of infrastructure’s managed services, higher than 8.53 in the range of [1, 10], in all services in which they are applied.
Specialized Outsourcing
Overall satisfaction with the Specialized Outsourcing Services 3.2 on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 is "unacceptable," 2 is "below expectations", 3 is "up to the expectations" and 4 is "above expectations ", most notably:
  • Estimated average of Specialized Outsourcing Service teams 3.4 on the scale of [1; 4].