Reditus nominated to EDPartners’ award with OutSystems solution

Reditus has been nominated to the EDPartners’ award in the category of "Sharing Good Practices", for the application it developed to support the "Funciona” (It Works) project of the Portuguese electricity company.

The "Funciona” project’s main objective is to make homes safer and protected against possible catastrophes, caused by anomalous situations due to wear or misuse of the electricity and gas networks.

The application developed by Reditus supports a wide range of EDP services, such as electrical and gas network overhauls, electrical maintenance, boiler and elevator extinguishers, gas certification, as well as technical assistance in both areas, allowing for the design of a variety of offer packages for the private and business sectors, and according to the consumption profile of each client.

Since the project’s inception, Reditus’ main motivation has been to support and provide the tools for realization of EDP's planned service in the shortest possible time, namely through a set of applications that would support the required level of coordination and implementation with the different partners.

For Ivan Barroso, Reditus’ Project Manager, "The longevity of the project and of the partnership are a benchmark for us and the sign that we have done and continue to do a good job, placing us as one of the main OutSystems technology providers".

The Reditus solution

Reditus' partnership with EDP began with the development of the "Enterprise" service support application, based on the OutSystems platform. In addition to supporting a CRM and ERP built from scratch, the "Enterprise" platform contributes to the construction of adjacent modules that allow for an efficient management of the various services provided to the client, whether B2C or B2B. These modules include, among others, Energy Certification and Audit, Re:dy, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Electric Mobility, Microproduction and, last but not least, "Funciona".

Reditus has also developed a number of "apps" that enabled EDP’s partners to optimize their home-visit processes, significantly reducing the time spent on each trip.

The “service support platform” development was initiated in August 2008 and was commissioned in 2009. Since then, Reditus has been working closely with EDP, namely in the application of Agile methodologies’ most demanding standards.

This project involved a large team of consultants, with the sole objective of ensuring the highest efficiently in the implementation of responses to market needs.


The Reditus project in numbers:

  • Start of the project in August 2008;
  • More than 5 Million software units;
  • More than 2,700 Database Tables (3TB);
  • More than 42,000 users;
  • More than 170 eSpaces involved;
  • More than 50 application modules;
  • Support for more than 1 million processes.