Reditus reaches 60 million euros in Operating Revenue in the 1st semester of 2015

  • Operating Revenue of 60.0 million euros (vs. 60.8 million euros)
  • EBITDA of 5.0 million euros (vs. 5.6 million euros)
  • EBITDA margin of 8.4% (vs. 9.2%)
  • Net Result of 325 thousand euros (vs. 410 thousand euros)
  • International Sales represent 38% of the Revenues.
1. Summary of the Activity
During the first semester of 2015 (1S15), Reditus has continued its strategy of expanding international operations while keeping on with the efforts of consolidating their position in the national market. One of the main priorities of the Group has been to continuously focus on operations’ efficiency and to invest in services of higher added value.

It needs to be pointed out that, in the period under analysis, there is still a delay in the decision-making on investments by clients regarding international projects, that shall be resumed in the 2nd half of the current year.

Operating Revenues amounted to 60.0 million euros, which represents a 1.4% drop compared to the same period in the previous year, caused by the delay experienced in starting international projects, namely in the African market. At the home market, the activity had a great performance with a growth of 3.5% driven by the increase of SAP Consultancy and Implementation area. The EBITDA corresponds to 5.0 million euros, equivalent to an EBITDA margin of 8.4%.


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