Reditus sells ROFF and focus on the development of its business plan

Under the terms and for the purposes of Article 248 of the Portuguese Securities Code, Reditus, SGPS, S.A. hereby informs that Reditus Gestão, S.A., a company with which it is in control relationship, concluded today an agreement with the French company GFI Informatique, and with Gfi Portugal Tecnologias de Informação, S.A., pursuant to which Reditus Gestão, S.A. sold to the latter shares representing 100% of the share capital of ROFF – Consultores Independentes, S.A.
This sale is part of a strategic repositioning of Reditus Group, allowing for the speeding-up of the ongoing process of internal restructuring (both operational and financial) and fostering the conditions for implementing its business plan, grounded on the development of its operations in external markets, especially in Africa. The contractual terms have the closing of the 2016 audited accounts as reference, wherefore the definitive consideration for the sale will be determined during the first half of 2017, following the closing of the financial year.
Alfragide, 4 November 2016
The Board of Directors