Reditus speeds up migrations to SAP HANA with HANALYST

ROFF, a Reditus company leader in SAP solutions implementation, presents the HANALYST, a new analysis tool to speed up migrations from SAP systems to SAP HANA databases.

This new solution eases the analysis of the developed code, optimizing the adoption process of the SAP HANA platform, inevitable to all SAP costumers until 2025.  

The tool detects in detail the mandatory and the recommended corrections in the specific code developed in each installation, giving the customers the possibility to choose the right moment to proceed with the implementation.

With the HANALYST, customers have access to an extensive report, yet easy to consult and to navigate, where all of the relevant details are listed, such as the number of problems encountered, their description and the necessary effort for their correction.

The effort is calculated from formulas and algorithms developed by ROFF based on their experience with customers in all business areas, of diverse dimension and all over the world.

With previous analyses made with ROFF's customers and based on the HANALYSTS reports it was possible to get performance gains of over 90%.

By presenting this tool to the market, the Portuguese consultancy company intends to speed up the migration of SAP systems by automating tasks and adopting similar methodologies, which will have a strong impact on cost reduction in migration projects.