Reditus teams up to develop new features for SAP SuccessFactors

ROFF, a Reditus Company, leader in the implementation of SAP solutions, is working with SAP SE in the development of new features for the SAP SuccessFactors solution. Furthermore, ROFF is the only partner from the Iberian Peninsula that will be present at the upcoming edition of the SAP SuccessFactors Power Week, which takes place on April 18-20, in Walldorf, Germany.
During the event at their headquarters, the German multinational will offer a workshop for a restricted group of partners, giving them the chance to explore the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and to develop, along with SAP, Cloud extensions for the SAP SuccessFactors solution.
This hands-on event, led by SAP experts, will first focus on typical scenarios and features that belong to the platform's standard offer. In the second part of the event, they will go into further detail concerning the SAP SuccessFactors extensions on the HANA Cloud Platform, and the partners attending the event will have the chance to design, along with SAP, the extensions for the use cases presented during the selection stage, as well as to determine a go-to-market strategy for marketing their respective extensions.
In a strategic evolution of the Cloud business, SAP has begun offering their partners the chance to develop features that allow for complementing the standard offer of the SAP SuccessFactors solution, and thus give a more adequate response to the clients' needs. The solutions developed by ROFF will be certified by SAP and subsequently released into the market.
With this training and know-how, ROFF gains a privileged position, in both the national and international market, with a distinctive offer in terms of the SAP SuccessFactors solution.
This initiative is part of the strategy set by ROFF for Cloud solutions and in line with SAP's expectations for this line of business.