ROFF extends its presence in Mexico with a strategic partnership

ROFF, a Reditus Company leader in the Portuguese market for implementation of SAP solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Inndot, the leader in the Information Technology sector in Mexico, which allows for the strengthening and expansion of its SAP services and solutions portfolio, in the private and public business sector.

With this agreement, ROFF ensures a sustainable access in the Mexican market and in other Latin American regions via a strategic partnership with a vast experience in both the public sector – where the majority of the IT investments took place – and in the private sector.

Francisco Febrero, ROFF's CEO, notes that "the majority of the IT investments in Mexico come from the public sector and Inndot is the leader in the market with a vast experience in this sector. Besides this, Inndot and ROFF share the same managerial principles as well as the pillars that guide our customer relationships, the services offered and the community involvement. These reasons – and others related with their potential for technological development and strategic vision – were instrumental in the realization of this alliance. "

ROFF's CEO added that "In Mexico, the Information Technology sector is expected to grow around 6.4% in 2015 and ROFF wants to contribute to this growth. There is also a great potential for development in the private sector, where ROFF has a vast experience with engineering projects and the implementation of SAP solutions, in Europe as well as the rest of the world. Besides, Mexico's potential may open doors for new opportunities in other Latin America regions, therefore, we see Mexico as a "hub" for our international expansion".

Enrique Abascal, Inndot's CEO, highlighted that "in Mexico, consolidating partnerships remains a focal point for the supply of technology and the big international companies aim to enter the regional market through alliances with local players. ROFF is positioned in a technological vector of renowned prestige at a global level in terms of SAP context and programs of added value for the clients.  Thanks to its commercial flexibility and technological capacities, it is considered to be a notable partnership for the projects occurring in Mexico and Latin America".

This agreement allows for an increase of around 30% of Inndot sales and ensures more than 10 lines of service. In this way, a considerable number of jobs will be created in the consultancy area, during the first phase, estimating that 40% of these will be direct, 20% in the local alliance circuit and the rest for the Service Desk. The Mexican technology supplier will also be counting on ROFF's support resource and model, based on the "follow the sun" strategy, offering an ongoing response, 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, via its 850 SAP consultants distributed over more than 48 countries.

In Mexico, 20% to 22% of the total value of the  Information Technology industry corresponds to the public sector. In 2014, IT represented around 23.634 million dollars, an amount that should increase by 6.4% in 2015.