Investor Support Office

The mission of the Investor Support Office is to ensure permanent and constant contact with the market, respecting the principle of the equality of the shareholders and preventing asymmetries in access to information by the investors, providing, within the legally permitted limits, rigorous and timely information that contributes to greater transparency and participation in the life of the Company.



Estrada do Seminário, 2
Edifício Reditus
2614-522 Amadora

Telephone: (+351) 214 124 100

Fax: (+351) 214 124 199


Representative for market relations
  • Dr. José Andrade e Sousa


Functions of the office
  • Provide clarifications to all the doubts of shareholders, analysts, investors and other interested parties;
  • Organise presentations and conference calls for financial analysts and institutional investors;
  • Collaborate in the preparation and disclosure of relevant facts and other communications;
  • Collaborate in the preparation and disclosure of communications regarding annual, half-yearly and quarterly results;
  • Collaborate and participate in the presentation of annual and half-yearly results;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of prospectuses regarding capital market operations;
  • Guide analysts on strategy, objectives and outlook on company results.


Type of information disclosed by the office
  • In general, every type of information which under the law may be disclosed and is requested by shareholders, analysts, investors or other interested parties;
  • Preparatory documents for general meetings;
  • Relevant facts and other communications with regard to the life of the company, namely qualified shareholdings;
  • Annual, half-yearly and quarterly results.