Closing bell in the Lisbon Stock Exchange Reditus, in honor of Reditus

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Reditu's presence in the Lisbon Stock Exchange, Euronext Lisbon organized, on the 4th of April 2013, a special session of the "Closing the Bell" in honor of the oldest Portuguese technological Company.

The traditional ceremonial was recovered in 2010 by the Lisbon Stock Exchange, after a gap of almost 24 years. This tradition, common in other markets, like New York, only takes place in Lisbon Stock Exchange on special occasions in order to commemorate certain events, such as new entries, anniversaries of listed companies - as it was the case of Reditus - or other related to social responsibility.

Reditus was represented in the ceremony by its Executive Committee, Francisco Santana Ramos, President and CEO, Helder Matos Pereira, CFO and Carlos Duarte Oliveira, COO among several shareholders, who also wanted to take part in this historic moment.

This initiative coincided with the presentation of the Reditus’ results for the year 2012, which were also presented in the Lisbon Stock Exchange auditorium.