Reditus is active and recruiting 210 new employees

Reditus keeps its operations active and is hiring 210 new employees for several projects of its portfolio despite the current pandemic situation.

These opportunities include functions to be performed mainly in a teleworking environment, during the epidemiological state, in technological and non-technological areas, which can be consulted on the website ( and on the LinkedIn page of Reditus.

Within the scope of the operational contingency plan implemented by the company to face the challenges of COVID 19, Reditus defined specific procedures for all its operational structures in order to safeguard the safety of its staff and candidates for employment opportunities.

The procedures cover the entire operational component of the various offer areas but also the tasks of recruiting and integrating new employees, namely through interviews, distance training and the provision of all the work tools necessary for the execution of teleworking functions.

About Reditus contingency plan

Aware of the impact of COVID 19 on the normal activities of its customers and on the health of its staff, Reditus reacted quickly to the situation having developed and put into practice an operational contingency plan, with specific rules and procedures, on March 5. This plan aims to:

  • The almost total mitigation of risks to the health of its staff and customers supported by the good practices and recommendations of the General Directorate for Health;
  • The full continuity of our operational activities in order to ensure the functioning of the company, the jobs and the activities of its customers;
  • Alignment with its clients' contingency plans.

This plan includes specific procedures for all of our operational structures in Portugal and abroad in the technological, Contact Center and BPO areas.