Reditus Customers are "very satisfied" with the services provided in 2016

The results of the Reditus Customer Satisfaction Assessment (CSA) survey for 2016 show an overall satisfaction level of 82% (very satisfied).

This annual study is carried out within the scope of Reditus’ Quality Policy and constitutes an essential tool for the management and improvement of the services provided and of the business itself.

The results obtained in this latest Satisfaction Study demonstrate that Reditus maintains high levels of Customer satisfaction, reaching a customer satisfaction global average level of 8.2 on a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 10 (fully satisfied). The final 8.2 value corresponds to the weighted average of the individual business unit’s results.

In this study, conducted through face-to-face interviews and online surveys, Customers continue to consider aspects such as Flexibility and Availability, Relationship and Identification with the Customer and Team Commitment and Competence, as distinctive features of Reditus against the competition.

In the different segments of IT Outsourcing and Client Services, Customers were “very satisfied” on a scale of 1 to 10. The area with higher weighted average evaluation was Communication (9,2). Pricing received second best weighted average valuation (8.7), followed by Service Management (8.6) and Team Skills (8.5). Quality (8.2) and SLA's (8.1) were the areas receiving the lowest mean score, yet attaining values above 8 out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction in Client Services (CS) was 7.8, a figure that reflects average satisfaction with Business Process Outsourcing (7.6) and Contact Center services (8.0).

In the IT Services Business Unit the overall customer satisfaction for 2016 was 8.6, a figure determined as the mean value of three results: 8.3 as the global average for IT Outsourcing services’ customer satisfaction; 9,3 as the average result for IT Outsourcing user satisfaction; and 8.3 as the result for customer satisfaction with Service and Maintenance.

And last, a special note for the average overall satisfaction of our Platforms and Applications’ (P & A) Customers, which obtained a score of 8.25 in 2016.

Angelina Leal, Quality Director at Reditus, explains the importance of the study for the Company: "Reditus has been conducting this survey since 2013 in order to best respond to the growing requirements of our customers. The results help us to evolve and also to define a business strategy that is focused on the factors of most critical importance for our customers", concludes the Group’s head of Quality.