Reditus to provide e-learning training

Reditus Business School is introducing new training sessions to its calendar based on an elearning model. This sessions are scheduled to start this October and are addressed to employees and customers.

Reditus Business School aims to reach a larger number of students and facilitate their access to training. Reditus intends to overcome some of the biggest obstacles people face with training actions, in particular those relating to the physical distance to the training center and time.

This new platform enable trainees to do all the training remotely, without having to move to the training center, and allows the access to contents and tests at the time and place that is most convenient to them.

Reditus’ first training session starts on the 24th of October and is called "training of trainers in e-learning", and is addressed to employees with teaching certification that usually provide internal training or in customers by Reditus Business School.

From November training actions will be available in models of e-learning and b-learning for the remaining internal employees and early next year to customers.

The training calendar for both the e-learning actions, B-learning and on premises, can be found at the Business School website:

Note: B-learning - Blended Learning - refers to a training model where most of the content is transmitted in distance learning course, usually the Internet, necessarily including on premises situations, hence the origin of the blended designation, something mixed, combined.