Reditus Provides solutions for Digital School

Reditus’ Digital School solutions, aim to equip schools with the best technological platforms and support the entire teaching process, supporting the entire educational community, including teachers, students, parents and school clerks.

The school as we know it has changed and digital media are more present in the teaching process of all age groups.

However, the speed with which the schools had to develop the transition process, exposed the shortcomings of the entire school community, namely with regard to technological infrastructures, adaptation of traditional teaching models and interaction between the various stakeholders, namely teachers, students, parents and school clerks.

Aware of this difficulty, Reditus made available to the entire school community all its experience of more than 50 years in the development and maintenance of IT infrastructures and user support.

Reditus' solutions to support the Digital School, aim to overcome technical difficulties, supporting the entire educational and administrative process of educational institutions in the implementation, management and maintenance of the best technological platform.

In addition, Reditus provides remote support services to teachers, parents and students in the use of digital tools and management of their computers.


Reditus' solutions cover a wide spectrum of technological needs of educational institutions, preparing them for the future and for a more efficient training process adjusted to the new teaching skills.

  • Technological Infrastructure - Advice and implementation of technological infrastructure and the best support platform for online education.
  • Technical support - Technical support services for maintenance and management of the digital platform.
  • User Support - Remote support services for teachers, parents and students.
  • Training - Training oriented to teachers and students in the use of applications.