ROFF leads in SAP HANA

ROFF has just been acknowledged as one of the first VAR (Value Added Reseller) SAP partners, in Portugal, to benefit from authorisation to sell licences and certification for the implementation and support of SAP HANA.
In response to the growing global demand, ROFF invested in the qualification of its team, and is now announcing the offer of a service that assists companies of all sizes across all industries to respond efficiently current challenges and create value from SAP HANA, the next-generation in-memory platform that enables the management of real-time business. The aim of this modern business platform is to allow organisations to change and to speed up value creation through innovation in business processes increasingly faster and straightforward.
So far in 2013 ROFF has already won four new HANA clients, whose projects are now under way.
An essential part of ROFF's strategy for growth and internationalisation is to provide its clients the capability to use the mission-critical SAP applications, enhanced by SAP HANA, as soon as possible.  With this announcement ROFF is definitively reaffirming its strong purpose and strategy for continuous innovation, together with SAP.