Public Sector & Health

The prominent position of the Public Administration and the relevance of its services in the economic and social development of the country, promote the constant need for its evolution, as well as an increase in its levels of efficiency.

In addition to its Bodies being compelled to develop at a high and increasing rate of response to the requests of citizens and society in general, it is desirable that its organisational and operational structure be prepared to anticipate economic and social development, providing new services in a more pro-active and less reactive manner. However, the budgets available for that purpose are becoming increasingly tighter.

This is the context underlying the various challenges that the Public Administration faces and which may be summarised as follows:

  • Reduction of expenditure
  • Greater efficiency in revenue collection
  • Transparency and reliability of the information disclosed
  • Downsizing of bodies
  • Increase in quality and efficiency of services provided

Reditus is positioned as a provider of solutions that allow the efficiency rates of services and the satisfaction of the internal and external public to be improved. We promote an efficient and evolutionary use of solutions, within the current restrictive budgetary environment which allow, on the one hand, to establish improved information flows and a better internal organisation and that, on the other hand, are capable of storing and processing critical information in a completely secure and totally reliable environment.