Cookies Policy

Reditus uses Cookies on its Websites. Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved by the user's computer. They identify a device whenever it is used to navigate our website. Cookies do not collect your personal data, only the records of your browsing experience on our site. However, users can configure their Internet browsers to prevent cookies from being installed on their devices.

The use of Cookies by Reditus, aims to understand and save the preferences of users for future visits, providing information that allows us to improve their browsing experience and develop new content and functionality. For this reason, we compile statistics and usage data that can be processed directly by Reditus or by third parties contracted by our company with the specific objective of helping us to develop and improve our services. We don’t use this data for other purposes, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information via Cookies

Cookies collect only generic information, such as the user's type of equipment, its geographical origin, how it came to our websites and how it navigates (the number of mouse clicks, areas of highest incidence, pages consulted, and mouse movements within the page, among others), but does not collect user information.

There are several types of cookies, but Reditus only uses the following:

  • Session cookies - required to access specific areas. They allow you to navigate the site, access to safe areas and use its applications.
  • Analytic Cookies - Provide statistical information on how users use the site. This information allows us to develop the user experience, improve our offer and correct any problems.