"Reditus — Estudos de Mercado e Promoção de Vendas, SARL” is founded in 1966. Subsequently renamed “Reditus — Processamento Automático de Informação, SARL”, owned by Banco da Agricultura and by the Insurance Company “A Pátria”, is primarily dedicated to the provision of services ("Service Bureau") and the undertaking of market studies. 
Five years later, in 1971, Reditus invests in the development of a state-of-the-art data processing center, enabling of rapid growth of its turnover and an increase in the number of clients. 
After the nationalization of Banco da Agricultura in 1975, Reditus is integrated into a private economic group in 1980, starting from that date its activity in new markets associated with information technologies, such as microcomputing.
As a result of a successful business venture, Reditus enters a phase of great expansion, either through "start-ups" or through the acquisition of stakes in existing companies, simultaneously carrying out several capital increase operations. As a result of its commitment to highly successful areas, Reditus is listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange in 1987 and included in the PSI-20 Index in 2005.
In 2007, it implemented a new segmentation model for the Group's activities, encompassing Outsourcing Services and Engineering and Mobility Systems, thus preparing for a new phase of growth with the acquisition of the Tecnidata Group, a reference in Information Technologies in Portugal.
The acquisition of the Tecnidata Group allows it to define a new organizational model and a new Go to Market strategy, based on a specialized approach in business sectors, entry into new geographic markets, and the redefinition of several of the Group's brands that still remain to the present day.