Social Responsibility

Reditus continuously pays attention to, and is engaged with the broader society, having ongoing activities aimed at the personal and professional development of its employees, but also at their development as active participants in society, the economy and the environment.
  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunities for all employees;
  • Professional and personal development within and outside Group companies through involvement in ambitious and innovative projects;
  • Transparency in performance and evaluation in order to promote a policy of fair rewards and recognition;
  • Encouraging employees to be involved in social causes by promoting various initiatives in support of charitable institutions;
  • Focus on Training. At the Reditus Business School we provide training for our employees in areas such as personal development, management and administration, company environment,
  • information technology and health and safety at work;
  • Development of internal initiatives aiming to promote team spirit and camaraderie;
  • Implementation of health and well-being support measures, such as health insurance for employees.
  • Protocol of cooperation with the Faculty of Economics at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, based on technical support services and a prize money for the best student of the Information Technologies’ subject;
  • Protocol with the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, for research and development of SDN technologies;
  • Adoption of non-aggressive business practices, out of respect for all our stakeholders.
  • Motivating employees towards environmentally friendly practices;
  • Promoting reduced paper consumption;
  • Recycling various materials;
  • The effective use of water and energy through improved energy management in our buildings and facilities.